Growing Up with Technology: The Prepared Millennial

Growing Up with Technology: The Prepared Millennial

As Generation X inherits the managerial world from the retiring Baby Boomers, the last of the Millennials are filling up the entry level positions in our economy – and they are more prepared to do so than ever before. As technological developments continue to advance the business world and a rapidly globalizing economy, many Generation X and Baby Boomer employees are still working to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the business trends that stem from these new developments. This is not the case for Millennials. This generation of young professionals are adaptive and digitally capable, making them already well versed in the technologies and skills that they need to succeed in the entry stages of today’s working world.

Millennials have grown up in a time teeming with tech. They are the first generation to have been raised with personal computers and smartphones. They have seen the birth of social media and were the first demographic to accept and nurture them into what they are today. They have first-hand experience in media convergence and are experts in seeking out the answers to their many questions in Internet research. With technology putting the world into the palm of this generation’s hand, Millennials have been exposed to a wide array of opinions and ideas. These unique set of circumstances have equipped this group with the certain skills that make their young minds a valuable asset in any business setting.

First and foremost, Millennials are media literate and technologically inclined. Not only is this group familiar with technology, they are dependent on it. Be they in a classroom setting analyzing Excel data or checking their Facebook and Twitter feeds to stay tuned into the world, Millennials are utilizing technology regularly throughout their days. This steadfast familiarity is providing them with a key competitive advantage over older workers, who might not necessarily be as digitally domesticated as the younger generation.

Furthermore, technology has made Millennials open minded and informed. This group of young workers are critical thinkers. The information age has shown these individuals the many sides behind every political happening and business development that they have witnessed in their lifetimes. This is a group of people who can think on their own and can bring new perspectives to the table of any working environment.

Bright-eyed and digitally competent, goal oriented Millennials are ready to take the business world by storm. Their digital competencies have them ready to carry out the entry level tasks of the many markets of today’s industries. Their broad-minded nature gives their opinions credibility, making their minds valuable assets to decision makers in the business world. These qualities among many others has Millennials uniquely prepared for the workplace, perhaps more so than any other generation before. It will certainly be interesting to see where the future takes them.


by: Patrick Donnelly, Marketing and Sales Intern
Along with his work at 4C, Patrick is a full-time marketing and digital media arts student at Duquesne University. Before Patrick joined the 4C team he was employed as a sales associate at Nordstrom since April of 2015. Outside of the office and classroom Patrick enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and kicking it on the soccer field.

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