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June 26, 2013 4 min to read

XPages 3: Domino Strikes Back

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Alright, alright, so it was Star Wars 5 where the striking back occurred.  But still a great reference!   Now it’s Domino’s turn for some action. We’ve talked about the parts of this that require thinking like a web developer, so when do we get to be Domino developers again? Right now! Assuming we have a framework, and ass...

April 26, 2013 2 min to read

Thinking XPages, or, How to Unmarry Yourself from the Domino Form

Category : 4CTechnologies

When I reflect on how I got into XPages, I really find myself focusing again and again on the differences. It’s one thing to say that XPages ‘feels’ fluid, or that there’s a rapidity to the design, but what does that mean for the designer, or the programmer? Beginning in XPages allows a Domino professional to skip a few steps...

April 8, 2013 3 min to read

An Introduction to XPages for Lotus Notes Developers

Category : 4CTechnologies

4CTechnologies & XPages My name is Aaron Brake, and I am a Notes development professional of 6 years. I am excited to be the author of a recurring column on the 4CTechnologies blog based around my experiences with XPages, with the goal of sharing my knowledge and our company’s capabilities with other prospective XPage develo...