Top Tips for Office Etiquette

This post was contributed by Patricia Napolitano, Promotions & Special Events Coordinator for 4CTechnologies.


While we here at the 4C office are fortunate to enjoy a considerably relaxed office atmosphere, there is still much more each of us can work on to make sure that we are not offending others.  We should all treat each other as we ourselves would like to be treated . . . with dignity and respect.  But exactly what is “office etiquette?”  You might think that using etiquette in the office makes for an uncomfortable, stiff or even formal atmosphere; it is really just a matter of common sense. R – E – S – P – E – C – T.  When you respect others, they will in turn respect you.  You are also more likely to be viewed in a favorable way and be supported by those around you.



5 Ways to Make 2014 the Healthiest Year Yet

To kick off the New Year—and all of the healthy resolutions that inevitably come with it—we asked Eric Wingard, Customer Service Representative and resident sports and fitness junkie at 4CTechnologies, to weigh in on how to stay healthy in a busy workplace.


As a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, I have always tuned in to their games in the evenings and stuck around after the conclusion of the game for a segment called “Ask Teke” which features former Pirates pitcher Kent “Teke” Tekulve. During the segment, fans submit baseball questions that Teke will answer and do his best to explain to the viewers why a play happened, different approaches to the game, and many other things.

In my segment titled “Ask Eric,” I surveyed 5 friends/family/coworkers and asked their biggest obstacles when it comes to balancing work with a healthy diet and exercise. Working 40, 50, and 60 hours in a week can become tiresome and really make it hard to be able to find time to eat healthy and exercise on a daily basis—and for many of them, they made it a resolution to be healthier in 2014. With a few simple solutions, you can make sure that you are ready for “bathing suit season” year-round.



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