The Golden Age of PHP Frameworks

Both PHP and I– as a developer– have come a very long way since a year ago.  Earlier this year, I began to hear about a new framework making waves:


But what is Laravel? Why should anyone care? After all, frameworks come and go. Before, we were hearing all about CodeIgniter and CakePHP. And before that, Zend Framework was very popular amongst the PHP core community. What good would it do me to switch everything over to Laravel?

In short: Nothing

There is absolutely NO good reason in taking an existing architecture that works – and works well – and switching it over to the buzzword of the year. If you’re doing this, then you’ve completely missed the point of a framework.



What’s the Big Deal About WordPress?

So you’re thinking of getting your very own little nook on the World Wide Web. You’ve gone through the trouble of registering your shiny new domain name, set up your filehost, and now you’re ready to rock.

But… what do you do now?

This is that pivotal moment in which many website owners can actually fail before they even begin. One of the most important aspects of owning and maintaining a website is being able to answer the question: What solutions does my website provide for both myself and the people visiting?



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