2016 Design Award Recap

Each year, 4CDesignWorks enters their work into industry leading design and marketing competitions. While each competition is different, 4C believes that recognition among national companies touting branding, marketing, and creative…


Project Rescue

PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS Technology is constantly evolving. It’s an obvious statement, and the implication is clear: to keep up, your company has to evolve, too. But staying up-to-date with ever-changing…


Understanding Color Output From Web to Print

Post contributed by Jacqueline McClellan, Graphic Designer at 4CDesignWorks


As a designer, I hear about one particular problem a lot.  A client loves the logo we created for them, and thinks it looks great on their website!  Then they go to print their logo and ask: “Why does my logo color look completely different when we print it on our office inkjet printer?” This question illustrates a real challenge color presents to designers, clients and all vendors in between, and warrants an explanation.


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