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November 16, 2015 4 min to read

Where are You on the Analytics Value Chart?

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This post is part of a series on how the 9 Laws of Data Mining from Tom Khabaza can be applied to analytics. You can find previous posts here. Law #8: “Value Law” – The value of data mining results [and analytics] is not determined by the accuracy or stability of predictive models In analytics, we evaluate accuracy by defin...

December 11, 2014 7 min to read

Did Target Miss the Mark? Recent Closings Explained With Analytics

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Mega-retailer Target recently announced that it would be closing the doors of eleven locations by February 1, 2015. The company’s press release stated, “The decision to close a Target store is only made after careful consideration of the long-term financial performance of a particular location.”[i] Target’s team of site selec...

Brand Rescue?

May 21, 2013 4 min to read

Brand Rescue?

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Feature artwork provided by Tim Higgins. Many may be familiar with the television show “Bar Rescue” currently in its 3rd season on Spike. If you are anything like my fiancé, you find yourself sucked into the difficulties these business owners find themselves in before host Jon Taffer kicks in the doors and begins making...