7 Tips to Become a Better Analyst

This post is part of a series on the 9 Laws of Data Mining from Tom Khabaza applied to analytics.  You can find previous posts here.

Law #2: “Business Knowledge Law” – Business knowledge is central to every step of the data mining [market analytics] process

Some might think that the best way to become a better analyst is to learn new data mining techniques using analytics software.  While the technical aspects of analytics are certainly important, there is a more fundamental way to become a better analyst.  The most effective thing that you can do is to learn about your business and cultivate your thinking skills about your industry. (more…)


Understanding Color Output From Web to Print

Post contributed by Jacqueline McClellan, Graphic Designer at 4CDesignWorks


As a designer, I hear about one particular problem a lot.  A client loves the logo we created for them, and thinks it looks great on their website!  Then they go to print their logo and ask: “Why does my logo color look completely different when we print it on our office inkjet printer?” This question illustrates a real challenge color presents to designers, clients and all vendors in between, and warrants an explanation.


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Preparing for the Interview: Tips from a Recent Grad

Post contributed by Chad Moyer, Developer at 4CTechnologies

Congratulations!  You got an interview.  Perhaps the hardest part of the job search in today’s economy is simply standing out enough from the pack of resumes to earn a coveted spot in the interview line up.  But it’s not smooth sailing yet!  Here’s a crash course to preparing for an interview to obtain a career in Software Engineering (like with 4CTechnologies!)

bad-interview (more…)


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