Creating Successful Campaigns With Reach

Creating Successful Campaigns With Reach

The internet is a wonderful thing and a great tool to use for marketing, BUT it’s only one piece of the pie. There is a reason the most effective campaigns and products are ones that have legs to them. These are commonly  referred to as a “multi-touch” campaigns.

Multi-touch Campaigns Artwork inspired by Saul Bass
Multi-touch Campaigns Artwork inspired by the works of Saul Bass

Multi-touch campaigns… and why they give me goosebumps

If you like a challenge, then you’ll find these endeavors extremely rewarding to work on. Multi-touch campaigns usually require collaboration with other folks on a campaign team, utilizing left- and right- brain leanings to promote a central idea from all fronts. As a designer, I could be working on complementary designs for web, print, product, social—all at the same time. While the message needs to stay the same, the delivery of said message may, and oftentimes does, need to change depending upon the medium. It’s your job as a designer or marketer to understand the best way to promote an idea on various platforms.

When those messages are extended across all those varied mediums, they cast a wide net of “touch points” where a potential customer could run into them. If they’re not on Twitter, but they are on Facebook, they’ll could still see your message. If they’re not on social networks but they do read the newspaper on Sundays, they could still see your message. If they don’t read the newspaper but they do listen to the radio, they could still see your message. You get the idea.

Go ahead… entice me!

Most of these initiatives start with some form of notification with a call to action. From visiting a micro-site to completing a survey to attending an event, donating to a cause or scheduling a visit. The call to action is key. No matter the medium through which your audience experiences your message, don’t let them leave that encounter without extending a call to action.

Here are a few directions to consider for these types of projects:

Personalize your message

pURL (Personalized URL) campaigns are no longer brand new and they have been reported to have a much higher success rate than typical direct mail. Why? Because your name is on it!  This is a tactic that is more common now and chances are very high that you have received something that sports your name and tells you to do something.  But because humans are extremely into themselves (the key to being a good marketer is understanding this vital piece of information), your clients are already more likely to check out something with their name on it than not.

Make it ‘Pop’

Something tactile that can be held, like an invitation, is something people love to get. There is a reason why there is soooooo much stress around weddings and getting some type of fancy-schmancy announcement for pending nuptials. It’s because it is an event! People want to go to a party (some may even want to see the ceremony). As an extension, taking a theme or the concept and using a special print technique can make all the difference. Raised lettering, shiny paper or even something that you have to tear open to see prompt an immediate reaction because it’s a physical object.

Be a tease

Pique interest in your audience by dropping hints of “coming soon.”  These are quite literally like movie trailers.  Just give enough information to make your audience want more.

If you give your prospective clients all of the information they need to know up front, you can say goodbye to them immediately.  As in, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  This is especially important for B2B marketers. If your clients are given all of the information up front, they don’t need you anymore.  Don’t let this be you!

Sending a teaser via email to let someone know that something is coming is a great way to keep interest. Follow-ups that are strategically released keep the campaign relevant and put it in the forefront of people’s minds as much as you can. Following up with a real live person on the phone can help too.

Take what’s behind door number 2!

People LOVE free stuff.  Prizes and drawings are always an enticement. Free trials, coupons, dinners & drinks are all welcome by the average consumer. As long as the item ties back to the overall message you are trying to convey, they can become a powerful promotion item that can be used across multiple platforms.

To see some examples of multi-touch events and campaigns check out the 4CDesignWorks portfolio and see some work.

The artwork above was inspired by the works of Saul Bass, who did everything from logos, to posters, to opening film credits.

Joshua Schmitt

Joshua is an award winning graphic designer, who has been working in the field for the past 14+ years. As a part of 4CDesignWorks, he operates as the Senior Graphic Designer and has experience in web, print, user interface (UI) design, layout, illustration (digital and traditional), corporate identity, as well as branding areas of design. In his free time he hangs out with his family (wife, daughter, son, and dog), wears flannels, avoids hair-cuts and reads comic books.

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