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Joshua is an award winning graphic designer, who has been working in the field for the past 10+ years. As a part of 4CDesignWorks, he operates as the Senior Graphic Designer and has experience in web, print, user interface (UI) design, layout, illustration (digital and traditional), corporate identity, as well as branding areas of design. In his free time he hangs out with his gals (wife, daughter, and dog), wears flannels, avoids hair-cuts and enjoys making messy paintings.

Tips to Increase your SEO


One of the key factors we often look at when building or rebuilding a website is Search Engine Optimization. The term “Search Engine Optimization” is well known as “SEO” and has been a hot topic for the past several years. Ever since Google was just a twinkle in some tech-guys eye, back in the late ’90s.

SEO is one heckova buzzword that gets used extremely often. In many cases the demand from a company is “We want to be on the first page of results when we search” or “If we aren’t number 1, then why do we have a website?” – some may find this odd, but increasing SEO is no easy task. There are a number of activities that can be done to help increase your company searchability.

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Creating Successful Campaigns With Reach

Multi-touch Campaigns Artwork inspired by Saul Bass

The internet is a wonderful thing and a great tool to use for marketing, BUT it’s only one piece of the pie. There is a reason the most effective campaigns and products are ones that have legs to them. These are commonly  referred to as a “multi-touch” campaigns.

Multi-touch campaigns… and why they give me goosebumps

If you like a challenge, then you’ll find these endeavors extremely rewarding to work on. Multi-touch campaigns usually require collaboration with other folks on a campaign team, utilizing left- and right- brain leanings to promote a central idea from all fronts. As a designer, I could be working on complementary designs for web, print, product, social—all at the same time. While the message needs to stay the same, the delivery of said message may, and oftentimes does, need to change depending upon the medium. It’s your job as a designer or marketer to understand the best way to promote an idea on various platforms.

When those messages are extended across all those varied mediums, they cast a wide net of “touch points” where a potential customer could run into them. If they’re not on Twitter, but they are on Facebook, they’ll could still see your message. If they’re not on social networks but they do read the newspaper on Sundays, they could still see your message. If they don’t read the newspaper but they do listen to the radio, they could still see your message. You get the idea.

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Brand Rescue

Brand Rescue?

Feature artwork provided by Tim Higgins.

Many may be familiar with the television show “Bar Rescue” currently in its 3rd season on Spike. If you are anything like my fiancé, you find yourself sucked into the difficulties these business owners find themselves in before host Jon Taffer kicks in the doors and begins making changes. In any given episode, Jon does some research by sending “secret shoppers” to get information on the bar. Based upon these initial observations, Taffer then meets with the owner(s) and staff to discuss his findings, and to describe the specific changes that he insists must be made (e.g., management, customer service, work ethic, cleanliness) for it to become a surviving and thriving business. He also examines the bar’s financial records to find possible cost savings. *Some Information taken from Wikipedia

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